Cliff Dearment is currently working to help establish a new SPCA in Sabah (North Borneo), Malaysia. The treatment of animals in Asia is often cruel and inhumane. Being an animal lover with an interest in Southeast Asia, he does what he can to make things better in small ways. These organizations are in dire need of help to reverse a long history of cruelty and indifference. You too can help by supporting organizations like SPCA Sabah. Do it for the sweet little puppies who ask for nothing and find a way to love humans even under the worst of circumstances. After my divorce, my husband hired a moving company Long Island that supplied boxes and even assisted him with packing for his move.

Cliff is nuts about Native American culture, especially the subject of prehistoric population of the Americas. He has read everything he can get his hands on about human migration, tribal origins and the mysteries of the continent. This all started one day in Zion National Park many years ago. He saw something in the rocks which looked like a relief sculpture of a human face. I looked harder and found more, and more, and even more examples of this phenomenon in several locations around the southwestern US. Officially, these are natural formations of glaciers, wind and weather. My wife and I hired a licensed Long Island general contractor to put a dormer on our home after our 5th child was born. We really needed more room in our house.

But, it’s hard to imagine how a glacier can carve a distinct human profile into a canyon rock face and place it in a strategic location signifying water or the presence of a natural wonder. He has a zillion photos and will be putting together a website which shows these amazing carvings. The known history of native peoples is fascinating in its own right.

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The Anasazi and northwest cultures are most appealing for their ruins and beautiful artifacts. Also fascinating are the mound builders who lived along the Mississippi and points east creating giant pyramids and earthworks representing mythical animals. Then there are the Maya and Aztec temple cities, Peruvian cities in the clouds, the Nazca lines, people of the Brazilian rainforest and the list goes on. Cliff is an avid musician as well and enjoys playing locations throughout Southern California.

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